Version history

beta 2.0.8 (19.09.23)
  • Fixed: Search functionality issue with spaces in the query
  • Fix the error when a registered user logs in via the invite link
  • Fixed: Search doesn't find files after restoring from the trash
  • Change the display size of the space for the "Free" subscription
  • Fix the error when connecting a wallet to an account
  • Fix the issue when file does not open via a public link for an authorized user
  • Fix the crash during file tokenization
  • Fixed: Incorrect percentage display of workspace space usage on free accounts
  • Deploy smart contracts to ethereum
beta 2.0.7 (11.09.23)
  • Fix incorrect status of encrypted images after uploading
  • Fix the "Working Time Management" modal for Workspace
  • Fix the issue that workspace does not return after clearing the search
  • Fix the error when editing an avatar to a 3D avatar
  • Improvement: built-in video downloader
  • Fix the issue that workspace avatar disappears after changing the name of workspace
  • Added missing translations to Chinese
  • Fix storing and fetching encrypted file keys
beta 2.0.6 (04.09.23)
  • Fix the issue with the encryption popup
  • Fix error when changing the email for the user
  • Improve upload cancellation process
  • Fix the error occurring when a user attempts to purchase a Workspace from a member or guest's Workspace
  • Fix workspace logo after first load/reload page
  • Fixed: Occupied storage size not displayed for workspaces
  • Fix UI breadcrumbs panel component
  • Unable to upload files after the storage upgrade if the free space was previously used
  • Added missing Chinese translation
  • Update Workspace name validation
  • Fix the error that occurred when an authorized user opened a shared link
  • Fix page crashes after opening the 'Move' popup
beta 2.0.5 (28.08.23)
  • Improvement: Adding Indonesian and Filipino languages
  • Fix displaying member logos on the members page
  • Fix displaying thumbs in the folder for shared users
  • Fix the issue with the 'shared by link' screen in dark mode
  • The problem with viewing PDF files larger than 1 MB has been resolved
  • Implement style changes to email templates
  • Fix file loading during fast scrolling
  • Added the required background to the security settings pop-ups
  • Fix the interface display when submitting a bug report
  • Fix the thumbnail display issue for files that were converted
  • Fix the content display after converting a file from PDF to DOC/DOCX format
  • Improvement: Implemented a new style for the loading process
  • Resolved a problem that was stopping users from joining a workspace
  • Fix an issue with accessing tokenized files
beta 2.0.4 (21.08.23)
  • Fix the issue of holders list displaying in the sidebar
  • New Feature. File Conversion
  • Fix upload progress bar
  • Fix the view of members page in dark mode
  • Fix the issue of doc sharing files via a link for unauthorized users
  • Fix the error after generating pictures using AI
  • Fix the error of uploading a logo to workspace
  • Improvement. File downloading using chunks
beta 2.0.3 (14.08.23)
  • Fix deleting all shared items
  • Fix sharing of encrypted files
  • Automatic logout at the specified time has been fixed
  • Fix workspace search
  • Fix crashing the click on the "3 dots" menu by a member in Workspace
  • Fix the notification when the owner invites a web3 member
  • Improvement. Object sorting
  • Create direct link to update workspace
  • Add email notification to members when sharing files and folders
  • Add the filters to Image to image ai generator
  • Fix UI of upload popup
  • Fix adaptive view for security settings sidebar
beta 2.0.2 (07.08.23)
  • Improvement. Restore file flow
  • Fix close button in notification
  • Fix adaptive view of smart contract screen
  • Fix adaptive view of file preview
  • Fix issue when opening a shared workspace
  • Fix crashing the Guest page when link is blocked
  • Fix issue with multi download
  • Error with image tokenization has been fixed
  • Fix displaying number of objects inside deleted folder
  • Fix the view of thumbnail after renaming the file
  • Improvement. Change price for text-to-image generation
  • Improvement. Update style for email templates
  • Fix the issue: documents do not show up from shared links for authorized users
  • Fix the issue that the deleted file remains pinned to the folder
beta 2.0.1 (31.08.23)
  • Fix the crashing the billing the page
  • Fix the issue where modal window opens after adding a tag for the link
  • Fix the issue where the document content does not appear in the preview
  • Fix the issue where sharing a file is lost after moving it from a folder
  • Fix the notifications view (when the user hovers over it with the mouse)
  • Fix thumbnails for encrypted files
  • Fix the sharing link for file via NFT key
  • Fix file preview by NFT key
  • Fix “CTRL + A” files selection when right side bar is open
  • The issue with large video files not playing in preview mode has been resolved
  • The issue that the profile avatar and Workspace avatar are not displayed or loaded has been resolved
  • Fix the issue with the sharing via link for authorized users
  • Fix the preview for encrypted image files
  • Fix the encryption functionality for .zip Files
  • Switch enter workspaces issue has been resolved
  • Fix the encryption functionality for .mp4 files
  • Fix the issue with downloading of encrypted files
  • Fix the guest page crash if file link is blocked