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SDK Tools

"GD CLI Tools" is an SDK optimized for secure data management,utilizing client-side encryption and a local mnemonic to enhance data security without exposing sensitive information to Ghostdrive servers.
Installation and Configuration Procedures:
  1. 1.
    Mnemonic Configuration: Ensure that the mnemonic associated with your Ghostdrive account. This mnemonic is pivotal for encryption processes and secure access.
  2. 2.
    Creation and Attachment of a New Mnemonic: You can utilize mnemonic from your current crypto wallet or you can create new wallet and attach address on your GhostDrive account page.
  3. 3.
    Key and Secret Acquisition: Navigate to the GhostDrive developers portal to secure your unique key and secret.
  4. 4.
    GD CLI Tools Installation: Commence the installation process of the GD CLI Tools using command below.
// install
npm install -g @ghost-drive/gd-cli
// Provide your key, secret, and wallet mnemonic.
gd configure


gd cp <from> <to>
gd cp gd://workspaceAlias/folder/file.txt /tmp/file.txt // download
gd cp /tmp/file.txt gd://workspaceAlias/folder/file.txt // upload
gd list-workspaces
gd ls <folderPath>
gd ls gd://workspaceAlias/folder
gd rm <folderPath>
gd rm gd://workspaceAlias/folder/file.txt
gd wallet
actor User
package "GD CLI Tools" {
component CLI #LightGreen
component Authentication #LightGreen
component "Keys management" #LightGreen
component "s3-alike daemon" #LightBlue
component backend {
component GDGateway {
Authentication ..> backend : <<uses>>
"Keys management" ..> backend : <<uses>>
CLI ..> GDGateway : <<uses>>
CLI ..> Authentication : <<uses>>
CLI ..> "Keys management" : <<uses>>
"s3-alike daemon" ..> "Keys management" : <<uses>>
"s3-alike daemon" ..> Authentication : <<uses>>
"s3-alike daemon" ..> GDGateway : <<uses>>
User --> CLI
User --> "s3-alike daemon"