Road Map

Phase 1: Ghost Drive Framework @complete

Status: Launched and attracting over 50,000+ test users.

Phase 2: Files Tokenization @complete

Status: Open-source smart contract libraries, and Multi-sig Data Management, support by Filecoin Foundation

Phase 3: CLI Tools @complete

Status: Ghost Drive Gateway launched for Filecoin Network.

Phase 4: iOS/Android App @complete

Status: Available for downloads on Apple and Google Store.

Phase 5: Integration with Ton @Jun, 24

Strategy: Utilize Ton App for rapid user acquisition through point rewards.

Objective: Help telegram user to manage, backup there files.

Phase 6: Token Generation Event @17 Aug, 2024

CEX: KuCoin, ZBX, X.Plus and others

Phase 7: ZkEVM TestNet Launch @Dec, 24

Encouragement: Incentivize developers to build applications on GD ZkEVM through grants.

Initiatives: Launch GD Staking and establish liquidity locking mechanisms.

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