IPFS Files Manager

What is an IPFS Manager?

IPFS Manager is an avant-garde solution designed to streamline the management of files on IPFS. Here are some key features:

  • Decentralized: Leveraging IPFS, each file is stored across a network, ensuring redundancy and high availability.

  • Efficient Sharing: Employing a Sharing Protocol that integrates both web2 and web3 technologies to share files securely and swiftly.

  • Token-Based Access: Provision of access to files through a tokenization system, enhancing security and control over who has entry to the data.

Asset Tokenization and Trading: GhostDrive introduces a novel feature not present in common file managers, where files and data can be turned into digital assets. Users can then securely trade these assets, enabling a flexible, decentralized marketplace for data and files.

Privacy & User Control: Users have complete ownership and control over their data. Only the user and authorized parties can access the files, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of the user’s information against unauthorized access.

Multiple Blockchains Support: It can interact with various blockchains, allowing for diverse functionalities and broader use cases, making it more dynamic than conventional file storage services.

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