Terms of Service

The use of the ghostdrive.com, ghostdrive.io website ("ghostdrive.com" ,"ghostdrive app" or the "Website"), the Ghostdrive Gateway ("GG"), and all associated content, services, and products available through the Website or Gateway (collectively referred to as the "Services") are governed by the following terms and conditions. By accessing the Website or using any of the Services, you agree to accept and abide by all the terms and conditions outlined herein. Please note that as all data uploaded to ghostdrive.com is made available via IPFS (InterPlanetary File System), the Services are also subject to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of IPFS.io.

If you do not agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement ("Agreement" or "TOS"), you are not permitted to access the Website or use any of the Services.

Wise Data PTE. LTD. ("we," "us") reserves the right to make changes to this Agreement and pricing at any time. If you do not agree with these revisions, you may discontinue the use of the Services. 883 North Bridge Road, Southbank, Singapore (198785)

Storage Term:

Data stored through the Services will be accessible via IPFS and stored on Filecoin until the respective deals expire (refer to "Filecoin deals" for details).

We retain the right to terminate the Services at our sole discretion or transfer the operation of the Services to a third party or smart contract. In such cases, we will provide users with a 90-day notice via email, allowing them sufficient time to make necessary arrangements (e.g., remote pinning to their own IPFS node, remote pinning to another service, or preparing for the management of their Filecoin deals independently).

In rare situations where excessive read/write volume or an excessive number of uploaded blocks negatively impact the service levels of other users, we reserve the right to block access to those Content Identifiers (CIDs) or block uploads without prior notice. We will make reasonable efforts to notify users whose uploaded CIDs are adversely affecting service levels before blocking access to the CIDs.

Encryption Policy:

Ghostdrive allows users to encrypt their files using Client-side encryption, which is managed by the user's crypto wallet private key. It is the user's responsibility to securely store and maintain access to their wallet seed. Ghostdrive will not be held responsible for any loss of access to the wallet or files and cannot decrypt encrypted files without the user's private key.

All data uploaded to Ghostdrive is accessible to anyone with the correct CID. Users should avoid storing any private or sensitive information in an unencrypted form using GhostDrive. Additionally, deleting files from ghostdrive.com through the site's Files page or API will remove them from the file listing for a user's account. However, nodes on the IPFS network may retain copies of the data indefinitely. Users should refrain from using the GhostDrive Prime Node to store data that may require permanent deletion in the future.

Data Limits:

Ghostdrive supports upload requests up to the per-request size limit specified in the Ghostdrive API documentation.

Filecoin Storage:

Data stored through the Services will be available and persisted via IPFS once a successful upload is completed. Data stored with Ghostdrive.com is also stored on Filecoin, where it is batched into deals. There may be a delay between the upload of content via the Services and its storage on Filecoin through a deal. Users can check the status of any CID uploaded through ghostdrive.com using the Status API (updated every five minutes) for the latest information on individual CID pin or deal statuses.

Ghostdrive will manage backup storage deals and deal renewals to ensure highly redundant storage on the Filecoin network.

Data Computing

We employ artificial intelligence and computational resources, both on the client and server side, to manage tasks such as data compression and file conversion, among others. This aids in optimizing storage, facilitating faster data retrieval, and enhancing user experience. All data is processed and managed under strict security protocols. This includes encryption techniques and secure protocols to protect against unauthorized access, tampering, or data breaches. We prioritize the integrity and authenticity of your data. While our algorithms work to compress and convert files, we take measures to ensure that the original content, quality, and attributes of your data are not compromised.

Paid Accounts:

Billing: By signing up for a paid subscription plan (Ghostdrive +) you can increase your storage limit and access additional paid features. To do so, you must provide one or more Payment Methods. "Payment Method" refers to a current and valid payment method, which may involve a third party or payment processing vendor.

By agreeing to this Agreement, you authorize us to charge your account for the Subscription Charge and any charges for additional usage beyond the storage limit of your selected tier during the previous month (collectively referred to as the "Fees") for each billing cycle.

If your primary Payment Method is declined or no longer available for payment of Fees owed, you authorize us to charge any Payment Method associated with your account. You are responsible for any outstanding Fees. In the event of an unsuccessful payment, we may suspend your access to the Paid Plan until a valid Payment Method is successfully charged. Some Payment Methods may incur additional fees, such as foreign transaction fees or other fees related to payment processing.


You have the option to cancel your Paid Plan at any time. You will retain the ability to upload new data to Ghostdrive.com until the end of your billing period. Payments are nonrefundable, and no refunds or credits are provided for partially used membership periods. After cancellation, data uploaded via a Paid Plan may no longer be available through our hosted IPFS infrastructure after the end of your billing period.


We reserve the right to modify our Paid Plans, adjust pricing, or make changes to our service or any components thereof at any time and at our sole discretion, without prior notice. In the event of changes to the pricing of your Paid Plan, we will provide at least fourteen (14) days' notice

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